Blockchain Development

Transform your idea into reality. Our proprietary blockchain framework helps us deliver top-notch development services spanning multiple fields including banking, finance, supply chain, healthcare, cryptocurrencies. Through a full-scale blockchain development process, theblockbox provides highly performing, scalable and secure end product. Let’s contribute to a mass adoption of the DLT in unison!



Blockchain MVP is developed to demonstrate feasibility and empirical potential of blockchain technology for your business case. We will typically build a testnet with a responsive web client, gateway API, implement support for off-chain storage, develop business analytics and reporting, integrate digital identity and access management service, secure key management and other necessary components. Test results will be used by internal organizations to gain a better understanding of applied blockchain project. With our support, customers can focus on creating truly innovative applications that demonstrate the capabilities of blockchain.

Smart Contracts

Smart contract is a computer algorithm designed to facilitate and execute terms of commercial agreement between two parties. A smart contract runs on a distributed decentralized blockchain platform, its security is insured by consensus algorithms without any central authority. None of the parties can make changes in a smart contract once it is delivered on blockchain. Self-executing digital contracts are key to process and cost optimization, transparent and immutable transactions, improved efficiency and productivity. theblockbox focuses on development using Solidity (Ethereum), Stellar, EOS, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric and Corda.

Private Blockchain

Private, permissioned blockchains were purposefully designed for enterprise applications. Private blockchain solves specific issues such as transparency with zero knowledge proof, easier audibility of records, access control and added privacy. System allows only selected, verified members to participate in the network, and execute consensus protocol that decides on rewards. Block producers (nodes) have the right to override or delete entries on blockchain as required. theblockbox team focuses on development using Quorum, Hyperledger Fiber and Corda.

DEX, CEX Crypto Exchanges

Whether you are keen on setting centralized cryptocurrency exchange in motion (CEX) – with a focus on liquidity, authority, and lower learning curve; or launching a peer-to-peer, open-sourced, and trustless platform that is the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX), theblockbox stands at your fingertips.
Both decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX) crypto exchanges deliver a multi-asset trading system with preferred UI/UX, multiple trading pairs, payment gateways, integration of native tokens, liquidity order books.

Wallets, STO, IEO

Cryptocurrencies can enable companies and their product users to trade assets as utility or security tokens. Our expertise in creating tokens (securitized, tokenization of things, utility) makes us a perfect app builder for a secure, scalable and robust digital currency, tailored to our customer’s business specifications. We can assist with business model analysis, product strategy and design, market analysis, token and wallet design and development, including testnet and production launches.

Node setup

The role of a node is to support the network by maintaining a copy of a blockchain and, in some cases, to process transactions. Each blockchain ecosystem has its own set of nodes, storing the transaction records of that particular token. We will provide you with a cloud and barre metals design and configuration, and help you launch testnet and production nodes on a public or permissioned blockchain network. We also provide post-production node management with SLAs for 24/7 monitoring and support.